ViewSonic Διαδραστικός Προβολέας Αφής PJD5553Lws + VTOUCH

ViewSonic Διαδραστικός Προβολέας Αφής PJD5553Lws + VTOUCH

  • Interactive Touch Projector
  • Ultra Short Throw 100″ από 1 μέτρο
  • 3.200 lumen – 22.000:1 contrast
  • 6 x Colors SuperColor
  • VTOUCH module μετατρέπει τον projector σε διαδραστικό με χρήση δακτύλου 10 point touch
  • FULL 3D ready 10.000 hours lamp life
  • WXGA (1280×800),
  • NEW curved design – white dot texture,
  • SuperColor, Sonic Expert technology,
  • 0.5 short throw ratio, 3
  • 2dB/27dB noise level,
  • 2W speaker, 3D compatible,
  • 1x HDMI, 2x VGA in, 1x VGA out, 1x mini USB in, 1x RS232, 5,000/10,000 lamp life
  • 10 point interactive touch module, 180 degree wide angle response, enriched software with numerous templates, set includes laser curatain model, camera & 2x stylus for greater accurancy, stylus only requires 3 minutes for full power charge.

Go Interactive with LightStream® Short Throw Projector

Upgrade any short throw projector with the vTouch to create an interactive and engagement class. *Compatible with PJD5353LS, PJD5553LWS, PJD6352LS, PJD6552LWS


10-point Touch Collaboration

vTouch supports up to 10-point touch interactivity simultaneously, multiple students can work together at the screen with fingers or touch pen*.

*3 minutes touch pen charging for 2 hours use

Wide Laser Detection

Latest laser curtain technology with up to 180 degree detection can scan wider touch location and with visible IR for adjustment easily. This allows teacher invite students up to the screen to annotate.


Rich Annotation Tool

The bundled annotation software provides the ability to write, draw on top of any projected images, including office files and web pages. For more diversify teaching content, teacher can integrate with internet multimedia directly, or use a PC camera function for real-time display. All the annotation teaching process can be recorded and shared with students.


Fast and Easy Setup with Auto-calibration

Attach vTouch directly to the front of the projector and screen, connect to laptop, and auto-calibration quickly prepares interactive teaching session.


Convenient USB Connectivity

Flexible to use. Connect the USB cable from the vTouch to any available USB port on the laptop, and USB can also be the vTouch power supply.




    Processor : Action Micro AM8251
    RTL8192EU 2.4G 2T/2R
    Celeron 2.0G above CPU
    Operation smoothly – i5 2.4G CPU with SandyBridge
    Windows 7 and above
    MacOS 10.10 and above
    Android 4.0 and above
    Linux UBUNTU (12.04, 12.10, 14.04, 14.10)
    USB : USB to Camera module, USB 2.0/3.0 compatible ( computer operational )
    Power : USB to Laser module


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